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Who we are

Sahadeva foundation is a Non – Profit Organization registered under section 8 company. The foundation aims to provide free education, meals, health care and training to unprivileged children. It is also a centre for awareness, many health -related programs and campaigns.

The motto of foundation is to uplift children of below poverty line – rag pickers, coal miners, small stalls holders, etc.. They are needed to be cherished in happy and educational environment. By educating them we can create major impact in building a good and healthy future for them.

The foundation not only focus on education but also on the health of these children. They are provided nutritious food too to maintain their health and to increase their interest in studying.



We're on a mission to impart quality education and train young minds in such a way that they diligently achieve goals Also it’s on our priority list to provide basic facilities necessary for an ideal life and make their lives better. Here malnutrition is also the elephant in the room which needs attention therefore we’re also committed to ensure nutritious food and potable water along with imparting education and developing skills.


To get the ball rolling towards a skilled and safe environment for each and every underprivileged young ones working in hazardous conditions And help them to accomplish their life goals whether to be in white coat as a Doctor or of being in a black coat as a lawyer or whatever they want to be..wherever they want to be we’re there to shoulder the burden of their dreams.

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